Brewster Wallpaper App


Brewster Interior Wallpaper Finder

“Decorate your walls with pattern and inspiration from around the world to create your dream home. .” – Brewster Interior Wallpaper Finder – by Brewster Home Fashions

With thousands of designs and never-ending inspiration, there is no better app to use when refreshing your home decor. The app features the following categories:

  • Styles (e.g. kids, modern and coastal) – everything from metallic accents to birdcage wallpaper
  • Brands – Find all the favorites from Warner Studios and Warner Textures to Beacon House & Brewster
  • Themes – Here you’ll find categories such as: “Coastal”, “Vines” or “Geometrics”
  • Product Types – Borders, paintables, wallpaper sidewalls, etc.
  • Collections – Find collections including pretty florals, country chic and modern geometrics
  • Colors – Includes options like black and white, neutrals or eco-friendly
  • Themes – Here you’ll find categories such as: “Coastal”, “Vines” or “Geometrics”

But don’t forget about the best feature of all – the “Search” bar.

Brewster Wallpaper App

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Wallcoverings That Shine


Reflections by York Wallpaper

York, the largest (and oldest) wallpaper manufacturer in America, has been producing wallcoverings since 1895. Styles have come and gone, but York still remains. See if you can guess which 1970’s trend is making a comeback from the photo collage above. That’s right – metallics! Using metallic or foil wallcoverings will bring a touch of glamour to any home.

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How to Paint Wood Paneling


painted wood panelingDesignSponge

Sometimes you want to change the wood paneling in your home. Maybe the wood paneling came with the house and you never liked it, your style has changed, or you want to paint the walls as part of a remodeling or redecorating project. No matter your reason for wanting a change, painting wood paneling can seem daunting.

painted panelingBibelot B. B.

  • Preparation is the key to this process. Clean the walls very thoroughly, making sure that any stains have been completely removed with the appropriate cleaner, and that the walls are all free of dust and dirt. Next, putty any nail holes or imperfections and, once dry, sand until it’s flush.
  • Next you want to sand the paneling itself, just enough to take the sheen off the finish and rough up the surface so paint will adhere better. Don’t forget to sand other wood trim in the room and then…

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Country Living with Modern Masters

Country Living Magazine Cover May 2014 | Endless Circles Modern Masters Stencil ProjectSpringtime is here and now our focus is to get OUTSIDE! Enjoying the sun and caring for our gardens and exteriors are in our minds and there’s no question that painting and stenciling is one of the great ways to help transform our spaces quickly and creatively. Country Living magazine had just that thought as they took on updating plain concrete pavers with the Endless Circles Modern Masters Stencil.  We have an entire Modern Masters Designer Stencil Collection available through Royal Design Studios and we couldn’t be more pleased to see them walking away (ha!) with a magazine feature.

Exterior Garden Pavers Stenciled with the Endless Circles Modern Masters Stencil | Country Living MagazineThe DIY Patio Garden Pavers project is in the May 2014 issue of Country Living along with other great project ideas.  For this one, they suggest centering the stencil before you start to ensure the pattern is balanced nicely on all sides and then using a stencil brush to add your preferred color (they used Greek Blue Chalk Paint®).  What a great idea to enhance your curb appeal! Plus, it’s a fast weekend project – what could be better?

Different Colorways for the Endless Circles Modern Masters StencilThe Endless Circles Modern Masters Stencil is super versatile and you can see the different colorways above that you can use it with as well. Since stencils can be used time and again, you can use any chosen pattern for your pavers and then use it again to stencil your patio pillows or a throw rug, alternating the colors with your design scheme. We also have a great stenciled wall treatment recipe (above lower right) with the stencil and our Texture Effects and Metallic Plaster.  What are you inspired to create with Modern Masters?

Fun DIY with Modern Masters!

Creating a custom painted look that brings out a unique style to older, uninspired furniture has never been easier – or more fun! We’d like to share how Modern Masters has helped a few of our blogger friends to do just that with both ourMetallic Paint Collection and Metal Effects patina products for their painted DIY projects. Let’s take a closer look!

A beautiful red desk with detail work accented in Modern Masters Pale Gold Metallic Paint | By Southside Furniture Revival via Furniture Flippin'

The striking red of this beautifully detailed desk was given the perfect touch of metallic brilliance by Lisa of Southside Furniture Revival. They used Modern Masters Pale Gold Metallic Paint for the ornate desk details and the project was featured in the Furniture Flippin’ blog.  Lisa shares that this desk was a Craiglist find and originally looked as it it had sat weathering for years in front of a window. If it could, we think this desk would appreciate its beautiful second chance!


Polka Dot Mini Bar with Modern Masters Olympic Gold Metallic Paint | By Simply Jessica Marie

Simply Jessica Marie shared her easy-peasy metallic paint makeover on a polka-dot mini bar cart! By adding just a touch of Olympic Gold Metallic to paint the polka dots, Jessica gave this piece a touch of whimsy — it’s sure to be a fun crowd-pleaser. She lives in in a little apartment and so this mini sized bar cart is perfect for entertaining in her space — we think it’s a fab painted furniture project for her planned Valentine’s Day party, too!


An upcycled wardrobe accented with Modern Masters Metal Effects | By A to Z Custom Creations

This funky and eclectic wardrobe by A to Z Custom Creations offers an array of colorful finishes, including a patina finish on the wardrobe door with Modern Masters Metal Effects in Copper and Bronze Reactive Metallic Paints. The real metal particles in the reactive patina paints gave an authentic weathered look when combined with our patina aging solutions!


Picture frame makeover with Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection | By Dreamsicle Sisters

Home accessories can be the perfect way to bring your personal touch into a space as Amanda of Dreamsicle Sisters shared with her Metallic Picture Frame Gallery! Venetian Blue, Rose, Brass, and Champagne metallic paints were all used for this wonderful combination of metallic painted frames and provide the perfect pop of color, too! The frames were all Goodwill finds and after painting them, Amanda arranged them artfully over her daughter’s lovely headboard.  What a great idea!

 Hutch makeover accented with Modern Masters Smoke Metallic Paint | By A to Z Custom Creations

The dark metallic shimmer of Smoke Metallic Paint works beautifully with the bold red of this striking painted hutch and gives all of the iron work the perfect highlight to shine! It wasn’t in the original plans to use metallic but as soon as Angela of A to Z Custom Creations started working on this piece for a repeat client, she knew the original hardware needed to match better with the new aged red – and it was our metallic paint to the rescue! She has a great eye and we love the results!

By using Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Metal Effects products, these artists were able to bring just the right amount of color and shimmer to their projects with very little effort!  We hope you’ve been inspired to give your next project a little something extra and if so, feel free to share it with us on our Facebook Fan Page as we love to discover and share new works of art. You can also find more inspiration on our Pinterest Boards as well. See you there!

Modern Masters DIY Ideas

Modern Masters

Adding a little zest to your home with fast DIY projects is super easy with Modern Masters Metallic Paints!  Of course, you can transform walls, ceilings, furniture and much more with the metallic paint collection, but sometimes a quick weekend project is all it takes to add a fab update to your home. Some of our friends have inspiring design ideas that we thought we’d share with you. Read on!

Changing Your Home's Curb Appeal with Metallic Paints | Easy DYI Ideas with Modern MastersFirst things first: Curb Appeal. Susan Penning from Living Rich on Less transformed hers by using Copper Penny Metallic Paint on both her exterior house lights and the beautiful ‘copper’ planter that now greets you at her home. Be sure to check out herLight Fixture Transformation Tutorial as well as her Flower Pot Redo How-to. So pretty!

Metallic Highlights on Fireplace Wood MantelAdding metallic highlights to furniture or carved wood adds such an elegant touch. The water base metallic paints dry quickly and you can blend several shades together as well as artist Andrea Blair Murrill did above. Angie from Postcards from the Ridgewent another route, preferring to accent and update her hardware with a fresh coat of shimmery English Brown metallic paint as seen below.  The metallic paints come in a variety of colors so that you can choose the perfect shade to transform any hardware that has seen better days.

Updating Hardware with Metallic Paint | Modern Masters

Adding Metallic Shimmer to the Insides of your Lampshade | Modern Masters

Want a fun idea? Try painting the inside of a lampshade like Cassie of Hi Sugar Plumdid with Gold Rush Metallic Paint above. The metallic lined lampshades add interest during the day and casts a warm, inviting glow at night.  Of course, you can alwayspaint the lamp itself for a dazzling result. The lamp base below was given a shimmery makeover by Jessica of Decor Adventures using our Pale Gold Metallic Paint.

Paint a Lamp with Metallic Paint | Decor Adventures

Painting a Mirror Frame with Metallic Paints | Modern MastersJessica from Decor Adventures also used the same quart of Pale Gold Metallic Paint to update a mirror frame. This technique works great for picture and art frames, too. Jessica shares that one of her favorite things about our metallic paint is that “it comes in so many colors and all can be combined to create your own shades”.

Stenciling with Metallic Paints | Project by Jane Sanders Drew with Pharaoh's Gold Metallic PaintJane Sanders Drew of the Creative Finishes Studio used Pharaoh’s Gold Metallic Paint to stencil in a design on a tri-fold floor screen. Lovely, isn’t it? We like how she outlined the pattern in black to pop both the pattern and the gold.

Painting the Back of a Bookshelf with Metallic PaintsBookshelves with a Pop of Metallic Paint | Modern Masters

Stylist extraordinaire Kara Paslay is a BIG fan of Modern Masters metallic paint and uses all kinds of different shades for her fun, innovative projects.  Here she brings a touch of drama to an otherwise boring white bookshelf with pops of Olympic Gold Metallic Paint on the back.

Are you looking around your home and seeing decor accents that could use a little metallic paint love? We hope we’ve inspired your creativity with these ideas! They are just the tip of the iceberg on the changes you can make with our metallic paints.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest for more inspiring projects! And oh, if you happen to have a project with any Modern Masters products, be sure to enter Modern Masters’ Fresh Ideas in Bloom Photo Contest before April 28th!

Support Main Street


As we are inundated with continual messages via social media, about a multitude of things, I wanted to sift through the “Buy Local” message to highlight why it’s so important.

Does anyone remember going to the hardware store, grocery store or shop with your Dad on a Saturday morning bored while he was talking to the shop owner?  Now that we’re old, some of those fond memories may come flooding back, as we realize that rushing around, picking up the cheapest, sometimes imported gadget that we feel we have to have has lost some of the “experience”.  

Buying from a local small business independent matters for so many reasons. Our actions are observed sometimes more than we think through the eyes of our children.  We are paving the way for the next generation and we have to show them that we do not want our only choices to be the big box chains, discounters, and company-owned stores.  

The independent retailers that started their businesses generations ago, are back to the realization that even though it is hard, it matters and that it’s important in our society for generations to come.  

One of the latest buzzwords in retailing has been that of “show-rooming”, which is the act of going into a brick and mortar store and identifying the product you want to purchase and then going online or to a large chain to buy it cheaper.  
I can understand why this has become popular with the generation-y consumer, but it also needs to be identified that these kind of continual situations are not fair to the independent retailers that spend a lot of money to simply have a store to walk into.  

Besides the rent, utility bills, phone bill, advertising, signage, office supplies, cleaning supplies, sales tax, inventory tax, computers, phone systems, equipment/repairs, etc.,  there is the costs associated with having employees, costs of goods sold, and oh a meager salary for the owner.  

So now if that “show-roomer” comes in and asks the store owner/manager to explain the features/benefits of the said product, and then doesn’t even buy?
This business that spent all of that money to get that person to call or come in get’s no sale.  Not only is this unfair, but if this trend continues there may not be the choices left except for online retailers or the large chains that can withstand due to their sheer volume.

So remember the next time you are planning your shopping trip realize that the benefits to “Buying Local” and “Buying Small”are SIGNIFICANT and matter in the long term more than you think, and the broader benefits include:

  • benefiting the local economy 
  • raising the value of home prices in the community 
  • revitalizing and saving the Main streets in a small town 

We can all feel good about making these choices.  It’s the right thing to do!