Luminescent Wildfire on the Ceiling

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We were recently scrolling through our Facebook shares and came upon an amazing ceiling by decorative artist Bryan King of Artifice, Inc. He used our Wildfire Luminescent Paints, which create dramatic visual effects, to paint a sky mural on a media room ceiling that changes as the ‘day’ passes along. Take a look!

Ceiling with Modern Masters Wildfire | Artifice, Inc. Project Feature on the Cafe Blog Bryan worked with a designer, Gene Delgado, for this incredible project. The designer suggested a night sky for the media room and Bryan added upon the idea by suggesting using the Wildfire paints for a powerful overall effect.

Widfire on the Ceiling allows a Mural to change from Day to Night as the time progresses | Project by Bryan King of Artifice, Inc. | Modern Masters Cafe Blog FeatureUsing the Invisible Flourescent Paint, Bryan painted a ceiling that could change from dusk to evening as the light changed. There are both incandescent lights and blacklights installed in the ceiling recesses to help control the visual effect. Bryan explains, “The room has a dimmer switch so that you can see the transition beautifully.”

Ceiling Media Room Mural with Modern Masters Wildfire Paints | Project by Bryan King of Artifice, Inc. | Cafe Blog Project FeatureHere is the night sky – isn’t it incredible? Bryan worked on the ceiling sky mural for two days, using the blacklight to guide him while working with Wildfire. “The effect really pops nicely and the client loved it,” Bryan shares. It was his first time using the Wildfire line and we think it was a beautiful success!

Wildfire Luminescent Paints are water base, easy to apply, color balanced and specifically formulated under UV blacklight for maximum brightness. We use proprietary, ultra-violet technologies to create them and they have been used for dramatic blacklight visual effects in film, television, theme parks, night clubs and entertainment venues. They’ve also been used by Walt Disney World and the Blue Man Group for their shows! Be sure to check out the entire Wildfire product line to find the best colors and paints for your next luminous project. They can easily be purchased online or found at a local retailer. Many thanks to artist Bryan King for sharing his radiant sky mural with us – be sure to visit his Artifice, Inc. website and become a fan of his Facebook fan page. Have an inspired day!


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