Why Does Benjamin Moore Get Such A Bad Rap on Price?

ben moore nashville

Posted Originally by Rebecca Dumas, follow her blog here: http://gregoryspaintandflooring.com/Article-Detail?ID=525189ec-d15b-4fe1-a428-ad0cd699d94d

One of the things we hear quite often from homeowners is that: “My painter says your paint is very expensive”. They elaborate to say that it costs $60.00-$80.00 per gallon! This is a bit deceptive because it makes a huge generalization. We have many premium products and they range from $34.00-$63.00, and so do our competitors. Sherwin Williams has Emerald that retails over $62.99/gl, even Behr & Valspar have high priced premiums. What consumers NEED to know is that we also have great products that cost between $25.00-29.00/gl. And these are also ZERO VOC. The reason Benjamin Moore continually gets tagged as expensive is because everyone knows that it is a better product, better color choices and most widely chosen by architects and designers. This perception allows and perpetuates the assumption that our products are wildly over priced and that is simply not the case. The truth is that if the contractor takes into account the price per square footage, we will end up costing less, as the paint goes further and it covers better. The price issue also gets mentioned a lot because the independent retailers are not able to discount 30-40% every month like our competitors. And another important issue to remember is that these extremely deep discounts offered continually show that our competitors products are not worth their everyday retail price. Along with the much better quality and color palette comes the advice from experts the Independent retailer is the main channel of distribution of the Benjamin Moore paint products. They owns their stores and know paint, color, application, and product specification. This expertise ensures the best outcome for your project. The Benjamin Moore retailers have TRAINED color consultants that know their stuff. They can help put the entire plan together to save money in the long run. When your paint contractor tries to sway you from getting the type of paint you want, realize that perhaps there is a reason they protest. And these reasons to not benefit you. They get a kick back on their paint purchase volume from the company-owned conglomerates and they sometimes make additional profit by marking up the paint. They can do that when the paint they are buying costs $10.00-$20.00/per gallon. But trust me on this, that is NOT the paint you want on your walls. Another problem that can occur is when the Benjamin Moore colors are matched in another brand. Unfortunately this is often times discovered after the space is painted. The color difference is realized and the entire end result is wrong. Everyone is disappointed, but by that time it’s too late. All of this could have been prevented by just providing the products specified. I have had instances when this has happened to clients and they insist the project be re-painted at the contractor’s own expense to get it right. Not a good experience for anyone. If you have a contractor that resists getting you the right paint for the job, we will refer one who will. The paint material costs are a small percentage of the project, get it right the first time.


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