Luminescent Wildfire on the Ceiling

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We were recently scrolling through our Facebook shares and came upon an amazing ceiling by decorative artist Bryan King of Artifice, Inc. He used our Wildfire Luminescent Paints, which create dramatic visual effects, to paint a sky mural on a media room ceiling that changes as the ‘day’ passes along. Take a look!

Ceiling with Modern Masters Wildfire | Artifice, Inc. Project Feature on the Cafe Blog Bryan worked with a designer, Gene Delgado, for this incredible project. The designer suggested a night sky for the media room and Bryan added upon the idea by suggesting using the Wildfire paints for a powerful overall effect.

Widfire on the Ceiling allows a Mural to change from Day to Night as the time progresses | Project by Bryan King of Artifice, Inc. | Modern Masters Cafe Blog FeatureUsing the Invisible Flourescent Paint, Bryan painted a ceiling that could change from dusk to evening as the light changed. There are both incandescent lights and blacklights installed in the ceiling recesses to help control the visual effect. Bryan explains, “The room has a dimmer switch so that you can see the transition beautifully.”

Ceiling Media Room Mural with Modern Masters Wildfire Paints | Project by Bryan King of Artifice, Inc. | Cafe Blog Project FeatureHere is the night sky – isn’t it incredible? Bryan worked on the ceiling sky mural for two days, using the blacklight to guide him while working with Wildfire. “The effect really pops nicely and the client loved it,” Bryan shares. It was his first time using the Wildfire line and we think it was a beautiful success!

Wildfire Luminescent Paints are water base, easy to apply, color balanced and specifically formulated under UV blacklight for maximum brightness. We use proprietary, ultra-violet technologies to create them and they have been used for dramatic blacklight visual effects in film, television, theme parks, night clubs and entertainment venues. They’ve also been used by Walt Disney World and the Blue Man Group for their shows! Be sure to check out the entire Wildfire product line to find the best colors and paints for your next luminous project. They can easily be purchased online or found at a local retailer. Many thanks to artist Bryan King for sharing his radiant sky mural with us – be sure to visit his Artifice, Inc. website and become a fan of his Facebook fan page. Have an inspired day!

The Paint Finish (or Sheen) Is an Important Decision

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Not alIMG_1283 (003)l Designers or Color Consultants are created equal.  When I do a Color Consultation for a client, I also specify the paint sheen and the particular product that will provide the client with the best possible outcome.
I email the entire plan specifying each color per room (walls, ceilings, trim) including the product level and paint sheen.  Since I have been physically inside of the home, I have noted the issues.  For this reason, I can confidently specify what sheen is best based on the following criteria:

  • Condition of the Drywall (ie texture, imperfections due to wallpaper, or previously fauxed)
  • Lighting in the Space (Natural Light vs. Artificial)
  • Type of Color Specified (Degree of Saturation or Depth)
  • Style of the Home (Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary)

I often hear from homeowners that their painter recommends “Eggshell” for walls, and we did once use that finish almost exclusively 15-20 years ago. However as you have been in the home awhile, many things have evolved and an eggshell finish may start to accentuate the flaws. These flaws can be due to settling over time, nail pops that emerge, and drywall imperfections that could result from wallpaper removal or an area that had been previously faux finished which may have created a raised texture.  In this case, I would specify a “Matte” finish, this is NOT FLAT, it has a bit of sheen and provides wash ability.  In the Benjamin Moore paint line  the Matte finish paint sheen is in between Flat and Eggshell.

Another area that you may need to “conceal” flaws is in a 2-story foyer with a lot of natural light streaming through.  Sometimes the imperfections become more visible with the increased natural light highlighting them, using a Flat or Matte is a better way to minimize the unevenness of a “not so perfect” drywall job.  The same goes for trim or doors that have imperfections, minimizing the sheen to a Satin, where traditionally we did Semi-Gloss can conceal flaws.

fine paints blue door

The depth or richness of the color can also be a determining factor of the type of sheen needed.  Darker colors can add a slight bit more sheen based on the amount of tint used to create the color.  This is a situation where it may be optimal to get the paint finish in a product with a slight sheen.  This is an instance where a Matte or Eggshell finish would be a good choice. Using a paint finish with a slight sheen will minimize the burnishing effect (or marring of the paint when brushed up against) you can get from a darker color on drywall.

I have given reasons why certain paint finishes are better in certain situations, but it is still a matter of personal preference.  The type of look you are going for will also help guide you toward the selection process.  A finish that has become increasingly popular to add a Contemporary feel is the High Gloss paint finish

Five Ways Paint Can Improve Your Holiday Décor

Snowflakes, pumpkin spice lattes, Christmas music and turkey dinners. Believe it or not, the holidays are once again upon us.

As if the festive spirit of the season isn’t enough to get you excited for winter, it is also a perfect excuse to break out the paint and have some fun. If you’re feeling ambitious, there’s still plenty of time to refurbish your front door, spruce up your trim or add a lively accent wall.

But for those of you looking to make a big splash with a little less effort, there are countless ways a bit of paint can bring your décor to life this holiday season. Here are five.

Spruce up your wreath. Whether it’s hanging from your front door or the centerpiece of your table setting, the wreath is a classic piece of any holiday décor. 113015 WreathTo take your wreath to the next level, however, just brush the needles with a bit of white paint for a snow-glazed look that’s perfect for the winter months.

Paint some pinecones. Whether you go with classic white or a more festive color like green or red, painted pinecones (or branches) 113015 Pineconeswill add some pop to your holiday décor. Hang them from your tree, add them to a wreath or display them in a glass vase. Here’s a list of 10 great ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Terracotta Christmas Trees. Three different-sized pots, a bit of paint and some imagination is all it takes to create a perfect pint-sized Christmas tree. Simply paint the pots, decorate to your heart’s content (beads, sparkles and glitter are all great options) and stack. 113015 TerracottaChristmasTreeSee detailed step-by-step directions and an example of a beauty here.

Decorative wall décor. Chances are you have some extra or unused picture frames lying around the house somewhere.113015 WallDecor Put them to good use by applying some paint and filling them with holiday-themed prints (either bought or homemade). In addition to spreading a little cheer throughout your home, freshly painted picture frames are a great way to add some accent colors to your décor.

Bring your Christmas tree to life. The possibilities with Christmas ornaments are literally endless. Whether you create 113015 Ornamentsyour own Snowman ornament out of a jar or spray paint an existing ornament, a little bit of color will make your tree stand out. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, pick up some chalk paint and create an ornament with your own customized holiday message!

Creating Unique Art with Modern Masters

An empty wall just cries for attention, don’t you think? While many of our creative customers beautifully finish the wall surface itself with many Modern Masters products, some also create custom art that complements a space perfectly. Browse our gallery wall of ideas in this post for creating great art for your home or finding an artist that can paint the perfect focal point for you.

Artist Ali Kay with a Flower Patina Canvas | Modern Masters Canvas ProjectsFlower Canvas Art with Metal Effects Rust Finish | Artist Ali KayArtist Ali Kay is an extraordinary decorative painter who also happens to be a prolific canvas artist. For one of her art series, she uses Metal Effects patinas along with artist acrylics to add depth and interest to her canvas works.

Rust Finish by Metal Effects | Canvas Waterfall Patina Art by artist Leslie RedshawHarley Davidson Canvas Art | Father's Day Ideas | Modern Masters Art Projects InspirationMany artists also prefer using Metal Effects as the focal product when creating their hanging art pieces. Canadian decorative artist Leslie Redshaw of Unfauxgettable Interiors used the Rust Patina finish in a waterfall effect for a client while decorative painter Paige Sisk of Beyond Finished used Harley-Davidson as an themed ornamental inspiration for the art she created for her husband. Both are wonderful!

Colorful Canvas Art by artist Sticky Shaw with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Canvas Art Projects on the Cafe BlogArtist Robert ‘Sticky’ Shaw uses lots of color and the Metallic Paints to create his fantastical, eye-catching and nature-inspired works of art. Follow him on Instagram to keep up with his works.

Hanging Art created entirely with Venetian Plaster | Artist Jane Head | Modern Masters Cafe BlogItalian-Inspired Canvas Art with Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | Artist: Daniel QuigleyModern Masters’ Venetian Plaster is another medium that many artists use to create their incredible works of art. Artist Jane Head uses it along with gilding materials for her paintings inspired by a local nature reserve while artist Daniel Quigley creates portraits that take quite a bit of time and finesse. Both are ‘painted’ entirely in plaster with not one drop of paint. Incredible!

Herringbone DIY Canvas Art by Kristi's Paintbrush | Modern Masters Olympic Gold Metallic Paint Stenciled Wood Art with Rich Gold Metallic Paint by Modern Masters and DecoArt Chalky Finish Paints | Cafe BlogDIY pros also love to create their own art! Using Olympic Gold Metallic Paint, Kristi from Kristi’s Paintbrush painted a herringbone art canvas while Steph from The Silly Pearl used Rich Gold Metallic Paint on a stenciled metallic wood art piece. Both are very cool, fun and easy to make. You can also customize these ideas using your preferred color scheme.

Artist Igor Turovskiy with Metal Effects CanvasMetal Effects Canvas Art by Igor Turovskiy | Canvas Art InspirationArtist Igor Turovskiy creates masterpieces with the Metal Effects patina products and he also teaches the art in his studio, Igor Fine Art. Exquisite work.

Aren’t these artist works fantastic? If you’d like a few tips on incorporating artwork that you’ve created yourself or purchased from an artist, the Houzz article 10 Design Strategies for Art Lovers will get you started. For further inspiration, Modern Masters shares many more beautiful art projects with their products in the Modern Masters Canvas Art Pinterest Board and continually pin ideas to the board as well. Send them an e-mail if you’d like to share your canvas works with Modern Masters products – they love to see them!

Colorful Garden Ideas with Paints and Patinas

Spring is here, Summer is around the corner and garden ideas are blooming! Color enlivens gardens and exteriors — and it’s not just the landscaping! Many Modern Masters products can be used to paint, patinate and protect garden decor to brighten your exterior and we’ve brought together some of our fave ideas to inspire you.

Modern Masters Texture Effects and Metal Effects help transform a bowling ball into garden decor | Garden Ideas on the Cafe BlogPatinas work perfectly in a garden and many everyday objects can be created to help color your garden. Can you believe this started as a bowling ball? Decorative Artist Allyce Lees textured the embossed swirl design with Modern Masters’ Texture Effects and used the Iron Reactive Paint and the Rust Activator from our Metal Effects line to patinate it.

Metal Effects on Iron Garden Seating | Adding Patina to Your Garden | Cafe BlogTara from the Suburble blog patinated an iron garden bench with the Metal Effects line, too! She used the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and the Blue Patina Aging Solution for this stunning transformation.

Garden Pots textured with Modern Masters Texture Effects | Project by Finding Silver Pennies Texture Effects was used to add character to traditional terracotta pots. Danielle from Finding Silver Pennies textured and painted the small garden planters and filled them with artificial plants for an evergreen look.

Front Door Paint on Exterior Back Door | Project by Dwell by Cheryl Transform your Garden Shutters | Front Door Paint in color Mysterious | Paint & Patina Garden IdeasFront Door Paint can help do wonders for your garden! Blogger Dwell by Cheryl used the Cheerful color to paint the exterior back door leading to her garden while decorative painter Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky used the color Mysterious to paint and enhance the window shutters by her landscaping.

Stencil Your Garden Steps | Modern Masters Stencil Collection Country Living magazine featured Modern Masters Designer Stencil Collection when they painted and transformed plain concrete patio stone. What a great idea!

Modern Masters Metallic Paint on Garden Sculpture Statue | Project by Just Paint ItAn outdoor garden fountain came in a solid black though it was called ‘bronze’. Blogger Colleen Jorgensen from Just Paint It dry brushed the statue with Antique Bronze from the Metallic Paint Collection for a much improved finish! If your metallic paint project needs protection, we recommend our MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat which is made specifically to protect and maintain the metallic sheen.

Metal Effects on Garden Planter Pots | Project by Pet Scribbles | Paint & Patina Garden Ideas on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogOur friend and blogger Laura from Pet Scribbles used Metal Effects to update her old wooden planters in the middle of winter. They are still holding up beautifully!

We hope you enjoyed these garden paint ideas on boosting your backyard and landscapes with metallics, patinas and more! Keep an eye on the Modern Masters Garden & Exteriors Pinterest board as they’re constantly adding outdoor projects that may inspire you further. We’ll also have more gardening DIYs coming up in a few weeks so stay tuned!

Why Does Benjamin Moore Get Such A Bad Rap on Price?

ben moore nashville

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One of the things we hear quite often from homeowners is that: “My painter says your paint is very expensive”. They elaborate to say that it costs $60.00-$80.00 per gallon! This is a bit deceptive because it makes a huge generalization. We have many premium products and they range from $34.00-$63.00, and so do our competitors. Sherwin Williams has Emerald that retails over $62.99/gl, even Behr & Valspar have high priced premiums. What consumers NEED to know is that we also have great products that cost between $25.00-29.00/gl. And these are also ZERO VOC. The reason Benjamin Moore continually gets tagged as expensive is because everyone knows that it is a better product, better color choices and most widely chosen by architects and designers. This perception allows and perpetuates the assumption that our products are wildly over priced and that is simply not the case. The truth is that if the contractor takes into account the price per square footage, we will end up costing less, as the paint goes further and it covers better. The price issue also gets mentioned a lot because the independent retailers are not able to discount 30-40% every month like our competitors. And another important issue to remember is that these extremely deep discounts offered continually show that our competitors products are not worth their everyday retail price. Along with the much better quality and color palette comes the advice from experts the Independent retailer is the main channel of distribution of the Benjamin Moore paint products. They owns their stores and know paint, color, application, and product specification. This expertise ensures the best outcome for your project. The Benjamin Moore retailers have TRAINED color consultants that know their stuff. They can help put the entire plan together to save money in the long run. When your paint contractor tries to sway you from getting the type of paint you want, realize that perhaps there is a reason they protest. And these reasons to not benefit you. They get a kick back on their paint purchase volume from the company-owned conglomerates and they sometimes make additional profit by marking up the paint. They can do that when the paint they are buying costs $10.00-$20.00/per gallon. But trust me on this, that is NOT the paint you want on your walls. Another problem that can occur is when the Benjamin Moore colors are matched in another brand. Unfortunately this is often times discovered after the space is painted. The color difference is realized and the entire end result is wrong. Everyone is disappointed, but by that time it’s too late. All of this could have been prevented by just providing the products specified. I have had instances when this has happened to clients and they insist the project be re-painted at the contractor’s own expense to get it right. Not a good experience for anyone. If you have a contractor that resists getting you the right paint for the job, we will refer one who will. The paint material costs are a small percentage of the project, get it right the first time.